About Us

Who we are

Honesty Music started about two decades ago with direct sales of several award winning gospel songs basically by Americans and Europeans. The company also brought about direct sourcing and marketing of quality gospel messages from overseas.

Honesty Music is the first and only music marketing company in Nigeria that single highhandedly sponsored Live Gospel Music Concert.With expertise knowledge and strategies the company markets quality gospel music across the country and overseas. The company also does the following:

Discovering and Branding New Artistes
Management of Gospel Artistes
Packaging and Promotion of Gospel Albums
Refocusing and Redirecting Gospel Music in Nigeria.
Producing and Marketing Quality Gospel Music
Delivering World-Class Multimedia Services

Honesty Music Industry is here to serve you best in prices, packaging, promotions and distributions.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Gospel Entertainment and Talent Development Company in Africa.

Our Mission

To Add Values to Lives and Society by Developing Creative Artistes with Passion and Purpose.

tony umeh


Honesty Music Director

The Boss

The chairman/CEO of Honesty Music Entertainment Ltd is a born marketer. At age Fourteen (14), he has started creating, packaging and marketing business ideas. This led to his venturing into diverse businesses until when he was divinely instructed to move into gospel music industry. He has since then taken the gospel music into new dimension by discovering, packaging and branding gospel artistes and music. He is also a deeply committed Christian leader who is involved in teaching people and to make them understand that they can actually know God by themselves and not relying on any man, thereby becoming true disciples and not just a church goer.