David Omodunmiju is a Nigerian Christian music minister that mined the gold of his music from a deep and separated love for God. This inspired song (receiver as he fondly calls himself) writer, started his musical journey early as a child around the age of 13 in the church, with a sensational acapella group called Brothers Of Zion. He was brought to the face of many lovers of inspirational and edifying music in 2013 when he released the prayer song for every Christian at this time, “Teach Me To Be Strong” which was No.1 on the Christian Music Chart (Nigeria) on the ReverbNation website for close to 2years.

David is also the convener of the Uncharted Territory Worship Concert led by the NeWine Music Team, and the leader of the #theHEARTIST wordsmith group.

He signed with Honesty Music Entertainment Ltd aka Honesty Entertainment (a consciously Christian record label) in September 2016 under whose umbrella he re-released the great body of work called the One-Man Journey (hands on the plough).

David Omodunmiju partners with the Holy Spirit to testify Jesus and edify men with the tool of music.

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Please find below the MTN CRBT code for David Omodunmiju “ONE MAN JOURNEY”
      CODE             SONG TITLE                     SINGER                         SUBSCRIPTION
      0767500      This is not your rest        David Omodunmiju            MONTHLY
      1767500       This is not your rest        David Omodunmiju           WEEKLY
      0767502       You are Igwe                    David Omodunmiju            MONTHLY
      1767502       You are Igwe                     David Omodunmiju            WEEKLY
      0767501      You are good                     David Omodunmiju             MONTHLY
      1767501       You are good                     David Omodunmiju             WEEKLY
      0767499     The Name of Jesus           David Omodunmiju             MONTHLY
      1767499      The Name of Jesus           David Omodunmiju             WEEKLY
      0767498     Teach me to be strong     David Omodunmiju             MONTHLY
      1767498      Teach me to be strong     David Omodunmiju             WEEKLY
      0767497     My Shelter                          David Omodunmiju             MONTHLY
      1767497       My Shelter                         David Omodunmiju             WEEKLY
      0767496     Just like you                       David Omodunmiju             MONTHLY
      1767496     Just like you                        David Omodunmiju             WEEKLY

Please find below Airtel CRBT code for ‘One Man Journey’ Album

Title                                    Code                   Singer
Agbe Oga                         6372457      David Omodunmiju
Come thou Fount           6372477      David Omodunmiju
Emi o ma yin                   6372478     David Omodunmiju
It is you                            6372479      David Omodunmiju
Just like you                    6372480     David Omodunmiju
My Shelter                      6372481       David Omodunmiju
Teach me to be strong  6372482      David Omodunmiju
The Name of Jesus        6372483      David Omodunmiju
This is not your rest      6372484      David Omodunmiju
You are good                   6372485      David Omodunmiju

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