MERE M EBERE – ABRAHAM AKATU // @abrahamakatu
New Single-Mere m Ebere

MERE M EBERE – ABRAHAM AKATU // @abrahamakatu

Mere m Ebere is a song that speaks of the achievements of God’s mercy.

I was at my father in-law’s burial when this song came, It was born out of a meditation on the path God had led my father in-law as his testimony stood out, So I began to ask God quietly for mercy to enable me gain such a great report especially before Him(God).

The song is a great fusion of God’s Mighty works and my desire for his biggest asset which is Mercy. It’s a song set out to show the wonders of God’s Mercies and His great interventions in our lives.

Abraham Akatu does gospel music not out of the ambitious desire for popularity but in response to a call from heaven. He always work on the receptivity of God’s spirit as he tunes his spirit to always receive from heaven. The essence of the ministry is to be ready channels for God to flow through as only God can truly do his own. Though on his path, constant practice and an unquenching life and attitude of true Worship. Nowhere is too decent for him to worship, though he sings decently.

Song Recorded in Honesty Entertainment Studios


Mere m Ebere - Abraham Akatu
Mere m Ebere


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