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Marketing and Distribution of products (Audio CDs) under Honesty Music is also an avenue of promoting them and help the products get to the reach of the people anytime any day.

In our strategy for Marketing, an Artiste is expected to send a listening copy of their song(s) with a fee for preview to know if it has the quality for marketing. After that, the Artiste funds the promotion of the song(s) with the assistance of the company which is expected to last not less than 2months using our platforms and any other eg T.V, Radio, Mixtapes, etc for proper awareness. This will enable us to test the strength of the album before further production.

Honesty Music Entertainment is here to serve you best at prices, packaging, promotions, and distributions.

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Honesty Music Multi Media Studios ……..

Get ready to book the varieties you have with Honesty Music Productions, and we will be very glad to serve you best in the way you can never imagine.

Honesty Music Productions render the following services:

  • Analogue Recording
  • Digital Recording
  • Video Productions & Films
  • Photo Shoots
  • Talk Shows
  • Advertisements and Jingles ( Audio & Video)
  • Editing
  • Graphics
  • Printing of Banners, Posters, Magazine, Paper e.t.c


Honesty Music has all it takes to make your Events a memorable one.

Call or Contact Us for the Best Audio Sounds (DJ), Sharp Video Coverage, and Photographs.

We deliver these services in the following Events;

    • Weddings
    • Church Programmes
    • Seminars
    • Birthdays
    • Naming Ceremonies etc.